Though headquartered in Cambridge, our brand agency, Are & Be, serves the world, designing trust into digital health and technology companies, to ensure they become the natural choice for investors, providers and consumers.

A multifaceted understanding of people is part of our identity

As a husband (designer) and wife (psychotherapist) partnership, we bring our psychological, emotional, and behavioural expertise to crafting brands based on first-hand human insight.

Being early adopters of innovative tech, our team is dedicated to transforming brands that can be embraced as they change lives.

Rajen Mistry Partner, Creative Director
Bisha Mistry Partner, Health Professional

Our trusted family of specialist associates

Jackie Fecitt

Designer & Artworker

Joanna Woodford

Designer & Photographer

Sonder & Clay

IP Lawyers

Arnaldo Iñigo

Film & Motion Director

Dean Reilly Design

Brand Designer

Margo Mulvihill

Digital Marketing Strategist

What we do

Our experience working with customers of all backgrounds gives our team an understanding of what people want to see, hear, and feel before they adopt a solution. That’s why when we reimagine new brands or transform existing ones, we make sure we do it with compassion and creativity.

So, whether it’s building the foundations of your brand through strategy or helping you articulate your vision through visual and verbal storytelling, we think you deserve a brand that inspires loyalty and trust.

Brand research
Brand strategy
Brand naming
Brand identity design
Brand voice
Brand communications
Brand experience
Brand photography
Brand video
Brand campaigns
Brand stewardship
Brand measurement

Who we do it for

With the adoption of technologies accelerating, the time is now for digital healthcare and technology companies like you to invest in your brand.

Research & development

From AI and siteless trials to protocol optimisation and patient engagement, we work with companies to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape and create unforgettable brands.

Wellness & disease prevention

From sleeptech and meditation to disease prevention tools, we work with companies to craft credible, valuable brands for the people that need them most.

Screening & diagnosis

From genomic research to digital diagnostics, we work with companies to communicate with clarity the science behind the brand.

Care delivery

From telehealth and remote monitoring, to RX onboarding and digital pharmacies, we work with care delivery companies to develop solutions the world will adopt.

B2B Technology

From SaaS to fintech and tech consultancies, we help B2B communicate complexity in a way that everyone can understand, keeping businesses connected to their current and future customers.

Our client partners include:

Are & Be helped us with a critical rebrand. Working with Rajen and his team was a pleasure. Their attention to detail, and patience in helping us realise our vision was exceptional. Our end product is stunning and we are thrilled with it. Professionals have commented on how fantastic it looks and we couldn’t agree more.

Tracy Hyland, CEO
Disability Huntingdonshire

Our beliefs shape how we achieve better outcomes

  • Question the problem’s problem

    We are curious by nature and strategic in our thinking, which makes us ever-committed to discovering truths and defining the real problem.
  • Develop ideas for impact

    We work with wild minds and disciplined eyes, uncovering meaningful insights and distilling them into strong ideas through creativity and rigor.
  • Bring people with us

    We believe that the journey to better outcomes is paved with honest relationships that can stand the test of time and temperament!
  • Fight for something better

    We are committed to never settling and working hard to build trust for brands changing the world.

We’re ready to listen to your story.

In the saturated market of digital health and technology, we understand it’s tough to build a brand that stands out. That’s why we’ll work with you to clarify your intentions and make your communications credible, so your brand becomes the natural choice for those that need you most. Take the first step now.


Building trust in a suspicious world

Trust in brands—especially health & technology brands—is low. This decline has left digital health companies struggling to survive. Read the “Are & Be Trust Report” to learn how to identify and fix the most prevalent trust issues health & technology companies face, so you can get back to growing your company.

“The Brand Trust Report gave me the insights and guidance I needed to build credibility into our brand both aesthetically, and from a customer and patient experience perspective”.

Rachel Smith