We’re small, fresh & nimble but packed full of experience and energy. We take a creative, user-centred and empathetic approach to everything we do.

We work with ambitious founders and established leaders. We help them go beyond the obvious, using critical and creative thinking to remove barriers and encourage curiosity that leads to growth.

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We get you from where you are…

Are you missing a clear brand positioning?
Are you unable to tell your brand story effectively?
Are your social media messages lacking the social?
Are your customers getting lost on your website?
Are your investors not investing?

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…to where you want to be

Be heard
Be recognised
Be respected
Be useful
Be remembered
Be buyable

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Our clients

We are so grateful to collaborate with a host of brands providing excellent services and products to their customers. We’d like to think of ourselves as partners in progress – helping each other get from are to be.

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The Are & Be way

We like to work closely with our clients to clearly understand their objectives and define the heart of the problem. Together, we arrive at a solution that is sensitive to people, processes and finances. Whilst always striving to make every project beautiful and effective enough to get you to where you want to be.

Listen for the details, hear the truth

Question the problem’s, problem

Care about who cares

Look past the obvious, be curious

Fight for something better

Make it together

Rajen Mistry

Founder & Creative Director

Former creative director of notable B2C and B2B agencies, I have worked with a host of recognisable global brands from AstraZeneca to Center Parcs and Facebook to Johnson & Johnson and more.

Whether I’m rebranding a start-up, creating a customer experience for a scale-up or working on a product; reimagining talent acquisition for a Fortune 100 company – I take a collaborative and considered creative approach working closely with clients and colleagues.

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Previous brand experience

When you’ve worked with a variety of brands across a range of sectors including professional & financial services, retail, automotive, travel, agriculture, healthcare and technology – the experiences stay with you.
We build on these learnings and apply them in our work.

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Learn about Rajen Mistry’s creative expertise and brand experience.

Why choose Are & Be?

I had the pleasure of working with Rajen as he guided us through a global rebrand – including everything apart from our name and logo. The process was a monster task but ran incredibly smoothly and Rajen was a calming presence, both creatively (opening our ways of thinking along the way) and in terms of driving the project forward.

Josh Downs
Marketing Manager EMEA, Privitar.

Rajen recently did some brand work for my soon-to-launch agency website, the whole creative experience blew my mind. Rajen was able to take everything from my head (no easy task!) and compile it into something beautiful and equally a design which is completely fit for purpose.

Margo Mulvihill
Founder, Where Digital Goes

Rajen has that rare talent of being able to offer strategic advice to a brief (we were talking internal video and social soundbites at the time) with great creative leadership – pragmatic enough to know we all have a budget! He’s not a bad bloke to hang out with either.

Cheryl Martin
Interim Communication Manager, AstraZeneca.

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If you want to clarify your message and create a compelling brand your customers choose every time then tap the button below to schedule a free brand discovery call with founder and brand consultant, Rajen.

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