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As a brand design agency, we partner with digital health and technology companies to create market-leading brands, so life-changing ideas see wider uptake and adoption — and can start transforming lives.

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Create an unforgettable brand driven by purpose


Build trust through clarity of communication


Scale your company whilst improving lives

With only 47% of customers trusting digital health solutions, let’s ensure your brand is the key differentiator in winning hearts and minds

Have the confidence to build a trusted brand that drives your vision forward

  • Establish the foundations that help you make clear business decisions.
  • Understand your customers’ needs and know how to connect and serve them.
  • Articulate what you do, how you do it, and why it matters, with absolute clarity.
  • Foster a company culture aligned with your purpose and drive innovation forward.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk about what’s stopping you and how we can help you progress.

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Our experience in the digital health and technology sector ensures your brand stays distinctive

From globally recognised brands to local change-makers, our creative branding agency has the right experience.

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Are & Be helped us with a critical rebrand and image. Working with Rajen and his team was a pleasure. Their attention to detail, and patience in helping us realise our vision was exceptional. Our end product is stunning and we are thrilled with it. Professionals have commented on how fantastic it looks and we couldn’t agree more!

Tracy Hyland, CEO
Disability Huntingdonshire

We focus on your brand, making sure it’s ready for every opportunity


    Defining what you stand for and creating credible associations around your company to ensure people choose and commit to you.

    Designing visual and verbal branding to create signals that reinforce your brand strategy. These must be both distinct and differentiated for you to stand out.

    Delivering a delightful brand experience from launch, and ensuring it stays consistent across all touch-points to build greater brand equity, recognition, and loyalty.

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In the saturated market of digital health and technology, it’s tough to build a stand out brand. Our creative design agency will help you clarify your intentions and make your communications credible, so your brand becomes the natural choice for those who need you most. Take the next step now.


Building trust in a suspicious world

Trust in brands—especially health & technology brands—is low. This decline has left digital health companies struggling to survive. Read the “Are & Be Trust Report” to learn how to identify and fix the most prevalent trust issues health & technology companies face, so you can get back to growing your company.

“The Brand Trust Report gave me the insights and guidance I needed to build credibility into our brand both aesthetically, and from a customer and patient experience perspective”.

Rachel Smith