We Could Be Heroes

We Could Be Heroes is the business brand of Annie Gelinas, an international copywriter who writes to give inspiring people the tools they need to make the world a better place. Annie came to Are & Be with the aspiration to express her purpose in a compelling way.

The Results – we helped We Could Be Heroes:

  • Clearly and powerfully articulate who they are for and what they do
  • Design a brand that is easy to implement themselves
  • Increased leads through the power of differentiation


Brand Strategy Consultancy, Brand and identity design


Annie Gelinas



five posters on a concrete wall and a bicycle


Annie was ready to build her own copywriting business and to move beyond freelancing. To do this, she needed a new brand identity that expressed the purpose and drive she had.

As a brand agency our task was to help Annie work through pros and cons of whether her business should be named after her or have a name that reflected her mission. We discussed the long-term strategy and ambition. Our main task was to create a brand identity was true to Annie but helped her stand out among a sea of copywriters. Annie also required support writing her brand narrative and messaging, it may sound ironic but it was a case of the cobblers shoes.

profile image of blonde woman
copy on cream background and photo of person typing
words about copy writing
writing you up


After some discussion and debate We Could Be Heroes was born. A bold new name that Annie conceived and backed through her vision to empower women and their voice through writing for them. Writing what they wanted to say, how they wanted to say it and what they wanted to represent.

Annie’s idea was to help express the hero in each of us.

logo on a pink background
image of smiling black woman and truth word

Brand voice

After the name was established it begged the question: ‘Who are these heroes?’.  What are they trying to achieve? So we developed the concept to beyond the idea of stereotypical hero.

We wrote a brand narrative that painted a picture of the everyday hero, Annie helps. The language we developed tapped into the idea of an entrepreneurial female business owner going about their work in different ways. Each with a voice of potential. This was our inspiration for the tone of voice and messaging elements.

two posters on a brick wall
a grid of copy with designs and pink and yellow colours
a grid of copy about I am


As part of the launch we helped Annie with her social media and business card design. Alongside creative direction across her sales materials and website. The best thing about the branding is that Annie has been able to implement a lot of it herself, which demonstrates the ease and flexibility of using it.


social media grid of designed squares
grid of six photos of people and writing

“Are & Be helped me shape my brand from the inside out. They walked me through the process and resurfaced key elements I didn’t know were key values. They came up with a new brand identity I love that goes way beyond colours and a logo.”

Annie Gelinas
Founder, We Could Be Heroes
You Can Be A Hero
six posters on a concrete wall with a bicycle

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