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Mrs Smart Money is the personal brand of Irish mindful money coach, Kel Galavan. After years of working as a pharmaceutical professional, Kel, who had a natural instinct for considerate spending, wanted to help others with their finances too. She recently set-up Mrs Smart Money and was already doing great and had over 15k followers on Instagram. However, she felt it was time to elevate her brand image in line with her service offering.


Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity Design


Kel Galavan



blonde haired woman in front of a grey door

Kel wanted a fresh new, more sophisticated image whilst retaining her relatable and down-to-earth aura. Instead of just looking at a new logo and brand identity we took Kel through a brand strategy and messaging exercise. Due to budget constraints, we provided a strategy workbook for her to go over step by step with our guidance. This covered and helped to clarify her target audience and what she wanted to offer, and how. We arrived at her purpose, what she stood for; the idea of Spend Mindfully, Live on Life.

The next stage was to explore the brand identity with the ultimate aim of giving her a flexible and useful toolkit of brand assets and examples she can use on social media and on her new website, which we also helped to create.


We recommended getting some personal brand photography taken which she did locally. This gave us something to work around and enhance. The brand idea we wanted to convey was about a blend of personal but practical advice based on mindful and mathematical spending. So, we created the idea of ‘life formulas’ utilising the mathematical characters + / x = with imagery and shapes to create visual messages.  We created a simple and bold logo, with the m’s aligning nicely. It can be used freely in different colours and placements. It was purposely made to contrast with the elegance of the serif brand font ‘Taviraj’.

Finally, we applied the branding to some example assets and provided high-level brand guidelines for Kel to be able to reference as she started to own the brand.  In terms of the website, we used an off-the-shelf WordPress theme and adapted it for Mrs Smart Money.

Early concepts
woman sitting on top of a ridge looking down at a beach and ocean
blonde woman sitting on a grand chair and blond woman standing outdoors
blonde woman standing in front of a door outdoors and five logos to the left side
family of five walking in countryside greenery and image of woman relaxing under a gazebo
mustard background with large white text saying 'live on life'
stone background with five mathematical symbols in different colours
woman stand with arms folded and looking at the camera and text beside that says 'superhero' pink background
grid of images including family, a woman, beach and home
magazine mock-up with image of a woman and her child on the beach and other woman
grid of images including people, tea, homes, mountains and babies
company logos on different coloured backgrounds
an organic grid of nine colour palette

What they said…

Rajen, at Are & Be, helped me to revamp my website and develop my brand identity and messaging. I cannot recommend him enough. My eyes were opened to a whole world of the creative process. He listened carefully and translated my passion and values into a new look and feel in such a well thought out way. Lifting it in ways that would never have occurred otherwise. He is knowledgeable, professional and pays attention to the details.

Spend Mindfully. Live on Life.

We believe everyone should have access to branding expertise that can elevate their business. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, you just have to find your place in the world and own it. That’s what we helped Mrs Smart Money do.

grid of images including family, a woman, beach and home

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