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MNNM Solutions came to Are & Be as a start-up ready to go their own way in the global lighting sector. They needed a new brand which included a brand strategy and fresh new brand identity to match their aspirations. We worked closely with Mitesh to work through what his business stood for and how he wanted to differentiate to stand out in the market. We were all thrilled with the results.


Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity & Design


Mitesh Mistry, Founder



man walking past three posters on the wall

We worked closely with Mitesh to identity what his brand stood for. We looked at competitors and examined the landscape and learnt that lighting is very personal and it has a profound impact on mood, as we know. Creating a lighting scheme could be about illuminating a beautiful feature of a building, a path to explore safely or a mood to lift. It was about finding solutions that reveal value.

The brand idea of ‘Light. Your Way’ was agreed upon. This gave us a foundation from which to create an expression of the brand.


We examined different lighting technology – how it emits and casts light and what shapes each type makes. We used this idea as a conceptual foundation for the visual language. The idea that you can combine these shapes and patterns to ‘formulate’ your desired lighting mix, whatever your application. Essential, light, your way.

The graphical light shapes work in harmony with photography as well as on their own to form a rich and flexible brand system that is easily applicable. We’re looking forward to applying the brand in many ways across print, digital and outdoor.

Early concepts
examples of lighting fixtures
examples of orange lighting shapes
graphic images of colourfu gradients and a logo
black bacground with a row of light shapes
logos on different background colours
three poster designs with light gradients and a woman's face
gallery of images including building and people

What they said…

Great working with Rajen (at Are & Be), who is full of ideas, and understands the need to dig deep and how to pull out the right info. From the fact-finding, brainstorming and putting ideas on the table, to then honing in on what the brand image needs to be, what message it needs to give, and then the creation & execution is all made a very easy process. Very professional and down to earth, he proved a delight to work with recently and our new brand is fab.

Light. Your Way.

Even with 2020 being a dreadful year for many, for MNNM Solutions it was time to shine. It was a time to create a fresh new lighting consultancy with a vision to find a new way in the industrial lighting sector.

colourful gradient

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