Innovation House

Innovation House is the UK’s largest AV experience, training, and event facility. When Sherpa Marketing contacted our brand design agency, they needed brand support to establish the destination as a hub of connectivity and AV expertise.

The Results – we helped Innovation House:

  • Stay fully booked since their 2021 launch
  • Gain universal brand recognition through thorough application of the brand. (Including exterior signage, interior design, digital screens, and general marketing)
  • Receive positive feedback from customers which matches the experience represented
  • Become the UK’s largest multi-brand experience centre


Brand strategy review, Brand Identity Design, Verbal identity development & Brand Guidelines


Midwich (via Sherpa Marketing)



The Challenge

With over 200 AV leaders in a 50,000-square-foot space, Innovation House sought to offer AV enthusiasts an immersive experience, something beyond a showroom; a place of inspiration and connection.

As a brand strategy agency, we were tasked with creating a brand and experience that could re-unite the AV industry. Following a year of remote work and social constraints, Innovation House needed to be recognised as a destination for excellence and technology. A place that could connect dispersed communities in a unique way.

Creative Directions

The first step in our partnership with Innovation House was to review and support their brand strategy, developing high-level creative directions that would establish a distinctive brand and personality. Through these initiatives, we agreed to reposition IH as an experiential destination, and not just another tech showroom.

Verbal Brand Identity

Our team came up with the idea of the Innovation House as a home for clients and AV companies alike. As part of our verbal brand identity services we developed a tone-of-voice that warmly welcomed IH members into the home of innovation, conveying the setting as one of excitement, inspiration, and passion.

Visual Brand Identity

After conducting our in-depth competitor analysis, we determined IH required a bright, bold visual identity that would stand out among the greys of the category.

When providing our visual brand identity services, we drew visual inspiration from the building structure of Innovation House, creating a visual language framework based on the building’s boundaries and planning; a metaphor for how their offerings can adapt and flex to customer needs.

This evolved into a visual framework for a layered communication system that enabled promotional to product messaging and marketing to be created easily and coherently.

Logo development

We knew that a one-of-a-kind brand like Innovation House, needed a one-of-a-kind logo. That’s why we crafted IH a bespoke logo, cycling through multiple ideas and iterations to ensure the final logo was as distinct as IH’s offerings.

The logo we decided on together is a minimalist ‘open house’ symbol that represents their building in a flexible way while also complementing the existing Midwich sub-brand logos.

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