Disability Huntingdonshire

Disability Huntingdonshire, (or DISH) is a charity that helps people with disabilities live more fulfilling lives by providing information, advice, and support. When DISH approached our creative brand agency, they needed strategic support and a rebrand that reflected their effectiveness when bidding for critical funding for their community.

The Results – we helped Disability Huntingdonshire:

  • Increase their client base through brand messaging
  • Secure significant funding through a trusted brand identity
  • Apply their new branding to all their assets and collateral


Brand strategy consulting, Branding and identity design, Digital design, Social media templates, Brand guidelines


Tracy Hyland, CEO



black man wearing white t-shirt with logo on


As a charity that had worked with people with disabilities in their locality for over 23 years, DISH, was well loved by its service users.

But to drive staff and supporters to go further and achieve more, they needed a modern rebrand that reflected their efficiency as a charity, and one that would get them noticed by the people that needed them most.

As a creative branding agency, our task was to provide strategic support so that DISH could clearly articulate their value and unique service. In doing so our branding services needed to connect DISH to people with disabilities seeking support when claiming the benefits, they had the right to.

Brand Strategy Workshop

We knew that we first needed to orient ourselves by understanding DISH’s objectives. Our brand strategy workshop helped DISH to distil their purpose and values and we supported the CEO, Tracy, directly by offering guidance on how to consider the DISH brand from an audience-perspective.

Together, we soon become aligned on the direction of the organisation and its ambitions.

We helped DISH to reconsider their brand voice, attributes, and personality, enabling the just-right balance of sensitivity and boldness in the expression of their new brand identity.

seventeen grey illustrated plates
mood-board of people with disability photography
dish logos
moodboard of various designed assets

Visual Brand Identity

Through our brand strategy work, we had learnt that Disability Huntingdonshire, favoured their customer-coined nickname ‘DISH’ as opposed to their full company name. This realisation gave us a great visual analogy and a smart jumping-off point.

So, when the DISH team showed a keen desire to incorporate an actual dish into the branding, admittedly we felt apprehensive. We knew this angle meant a great deal to them, so we decided in our exploration of the concept we would have to think about things more laterally.

In our search for meaning, we came to the question ‘is it to serve?’ and then took this route alongside the sense of real human support, which formed an exciting, uplifting, and warm brand identity.

We created a bespoke logo mark and symbol alongside commissioned illustrations. But we remained mindful of their minimal internal marketing resources and made sure they were able to execute the brand going forward.

employee lanyard with logo and tote back with logo
three document with different dish-related designs
grid of coloured rectangles and copy
website mockup of disability charity

“I was so grateful for Are & Be’s professionalism. They took the time to listen to my vision for the charity and the design process was so easy for me to understand. The branding process was out of my comfort zone, however, Rajen and his team worked with me closely and made me look at things from a different perspective. What I was really impressed with was the fact that they took the time to understand the charity and our aims. I trusted them to create something wonderful and they have!”

Tracy Hyland
CEO, Disability Huntingdonshire

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