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Get a birds-eye view of an effective brand process with The Brand Plan, a mini course jam-packed with simple strategies that will give you the courage and confidence to get started with building your brand and your business.

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What’s inside

Define what you stand for

Articulate your purpose by learning how to conduct a brand audit and draw insights

Express your brand

Level up your identity by drafting a messaging framework and understanding the importance of visuals

Launch and connect

Create an ongoing dialogue with your audience, by learning how to launch a brand awareness campaign

Want to elevate your brand? Schedule a brand trust review call

Our 15-min brand trust review call will help look at your brand from a different perspective, consider alternative solutions, and work out an approach together to build trust – saving you time and hassle.

Either way, you’ll come away with some fresh ideas.

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about the branding process, and most people don’t understand the scope of the work involved and how the breadth of scope drives much greater value than they might expect. This course explains these things concisely.