Refresh, reposition, or rebuild? Help customers fall in love again

What will 2022 bring? This month’s Google searches reveal apprehensions and uncertainty around the new year.  Some driven by positive potential; ‘Will 2022 be a good year?’ Others fuelled by pessimism and fear; ‘Will 2022 be the worst year?’  Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers either. One thing we know for sure is that with […]


Jan 22 • 7 minutes

Onlooker to Employee: 4 things I learned working in a brand agency you should know

1. What branding really is Before working at a brand agency, if I was asked about branding, I’d likely mention the importance of visuals – a logo, a font, or a  colour  palette. If I stretched my mind to think about the verbal, I may have commented on formal or informal grammar.        These aspects, visual […]


Sep 21 • 4 minutes