Suspense: meet your brand’s new superpower

So, it’s been years since I studied film, but ever since working in a brand design agency and entering the big world of brand marketing, one film theory has always strangely stuck with me. Coined by Alfred Hitchcock, it’s called the ‘bomb theory’.  Here’s how Hitchcock defines his ‘bomb theory’ process in order to explain how he creates fantastic, tense, horror films:   “Let’s suppose that […]

Rajen Mistry

Nov 21 • 4 minutes

First time hiring as a startup?

I firmly believe that in startups, hiring your first employee is the largest risk and greatest potential you can bring to your business. After celebrating two years of business (and surviving the pandemic!) I decided I wanted to expand Are & Be by hiring my first employee.  As an up-and-coming brand agency, based in the […]

Rajen Mistry

Aug 21 • 4 minutes