Your brand deserves to look and sound as good as you make people feel. But without a strong brand identity, that would be near impossible. 

A powerful brand identity can position you above competitors, and showcase what makes you special. Give your audience a reason to choose you.

Here at Are & Be, we can help you develop your brand identity. From colour palette and typography to the style of imagery that makes your brand unique, we’ll create a look and feel that makes your business stand out.

We’ll also consider how your verbal brand sounds—always ensuring your tone of voice and brand messaging is on point across your website, social media channels, email marketing and in print.

Our approach to your brand identity design

Direct the conceptual brand idea

In the first phase, we take our strategic learning and begin exploring visual directions and your brand’s verbal language. Once early thoughts become concrete ideas, we converge on different creative directions and present them to you. Often, it’s a revelation!

Design visual and verbal language

As soon as you decide on the direction, we develop the specifics of the visual look and feel; the logo, typography, colour palette, and photography. We then craft and communicate your brand’s positioning and personality through tone of voice and copywriting guidelines.

Deliver guidelines and assets

Congrats on your brand new identity! Now the hard part: applying it consistently to your communications, collateral, and marketing. We’ll provide you with high-level brand guidelines and a toolkit to refer to in the future as your brand grows and develops in the real world.

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Are you ready to share your story?

In the saturated attention economy, it’s tough to build a stand out brand. Our creative design agency will help you clarify your intentions and make your communications credible, so your brand becomes the natural choice. Take the next step now.