Your brand identity should reflect your brand’s personality. It should resonate with your audience, ensuring they remember you. A logo isn’t enough. Brand identity design includes visuals across all your marketing and communications.

A powerful brand identity can help position you above your competitors. Even without the brand presence of an established name, you can show off what makes you special. Give your audience a reason to choose you.

Here at Are & Be, we can help you develop your brand identity. From the colour palette and typography to the style of imagery that makes your brand unique.  We also consider how your verbal brand sounds, making sure your tone of voice and brand messaging is on point. Your new brand identity will ensure a consistent message across your website, social media channels, email marketing and in print.

Learn a little more about our approach when beginning to express your brand identity creatively.
(This video is an extract from our interview with the wonderful Wonderer PR). 

Our approach to creating your brand identity design

Explore the conceptual brand idea
Firstly, we take our learnings from the strategic phases, including the core brand idea and begin to explore visual directions.  The aim is to diverge and find inspiration from a range of sources. Alongside this, we’ll develop the verbal language too – it’s important the two aspects work well in tandem. We believe that writing is where the ideas come from. Then as early thoughts form into tangible ideas, we will converge on the potential exciting directions the brand identity could take.  It’s often a revelation! We’ll share our brand identity design ideas with you.

Design visual and verbal language
Once you’ve chosen a preferred direction, we’ll start to develop the specific details of the visual look and feel; the logo (if in scope), the typography choices and style, the colour palette, the photography and whether it’s stock or a bespoke shoot. We’ll explore illustrations and icons if a core element and then ultimately see how it all comes together to communicate your messages and brand personality. At this stage, we’ll also develop the tone of voice (TOV), copywriting guidelines and how to express your messaging in a creative and compelling way.

Deliver guidelines and assets
Congratulations, you have a new brand identity! Now the hard part starts: to consistently and effectively apply it to your communications, collateral and marketing channels. Depending on your time/budget investment it may have to be a phased approach. What we help you with is to provide high-level brand guidelines and a toolkit that you can reference without getting too bogged down in the details. Your brand identity will take time to iron out, grow and develop as you assess how it works in the real world. Be mindful, that it’s a test-and-learn process and it will require some nurturing.

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We also offer the following branding and design expertise as an extension of our branding and identity design services:

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