Trust plays a major role in how people choose their favourite brands. And it’s not just about the quality of products/services- it’s about how a brand communicates itself to the world.

To entice customers, your messaging must be clear (online and offline), tell a story, and evoke a response.

We understand that getting brand messaging right is especially important in large businesses with multiple employees and touchpoints. From sales and customer service to social media, we can help you develop your brand messaging and how to best communicate it.

Learn what makes up a strong brand messaging strategy.

Our approach to brand messaging strategy

Define your brand essence

Through a range of simple and collaborative exercises, we’ll get to the heart of your personality—who you are (or want to be), your brand attributes, and your tone of voice.

Articulate your value proposition

This is where we take our insights, competitor analysis, and offer and craft your brand value proposition for the marketplace. Think of it as the space you can own and thrive in.

Create your messaging framework

We’ll craft a messaging house or framework bringing together the key elements, including your value proposition, key pillars, and reasons to believe, all backed up by the proof points that matter.

At Are & Be, we help brands connect with their audiences through aspirational, yet relatable, brand messaging.

Together, we’ll develop a brand messaging strategy that sets you apart from the competition and builds trust with your customers. By the end, you will have a useful and effective messaging tool-kit that ensures you can communicate with confidence, internally and externally.

Next, you’ll want to consider how to bring your strategy and messaging to life through your visual and verbal brand identity.

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Are you ready to share your story?

In the saturated market of digital health and technology, it’s tough to build a stand out brand. Our creative design agency will help you clarify your intentions and make your communications credible, so your brand becomes the natural choice for those who need you most. Take the next step now.