Onlooker to Employee: 4 things I learned working in a brand agency you should know

1. What branding really is Before working at a brand agency, if I was asked about branding, I’d likely mention the importance of visuals – a logo, a font, or a  colour  palette. If I stretched my mind to think about the verbal, I may have commented on formal or informal grammar.        These aspects, visual […]

Rajen Mistry

Sep 21 • 4 minutes

Does your candidate experience reflect your brand? 6 quick ways to make sure it does

As some of you may, or may not know, here at Are & Be we’ve recently been through the hiring process. As a creative brand agency, we may be biased, but we believe that branding is one of the most important factors within candidate experience. In this post, we’d love to share a few ideas to make your candidate experience as thoughtful and compelling as it can be. Because your […]

Rajen Mistry

Sep 21 • 8 minutes

First time hiring as a startup?

I firmly believe that in startups, hiring your first employee is the largest risk and greatest potential you can bring to your business. After celebrating two years of business (and surviving the pandemic!) I decided I wanted to expand Are & Be by hiring my first employee.  As an up-and-coming brand agency, based in the […]

Rajen Mistry

Aug 21 • 4 minutes

Why registering a trademark for your brand is easier than you think – and even more valuable

I’m proud to say that Are & Be is now a registered trademark! When we decided on the name of our strategic brand design agency (based on my wife and I’s initials and ties to our proposition – we get you from where you are to where you want to be), I never thought I’d […]

Rajen Mistry

Jun 21 • 2 minutes

Are & Be? Tell me more…

Ok, so it’s not super obvious who or what Are & Be are right? Want to learn a little more? WhatSimply put we are a branding, design and marketing company. We work with founders and leaders of small and large companies. We also specialise in supporting local creative/digital/marketing agencies in the quest to grow/change through […]

Rajen Mistry

Feb 20 • 1 minute