Refresh, reposition, or rebuild? Help customers fall in love again

What will 2022 bring? This month’s Google searches reveal apprehensions and uncertainty around the new year.  Some driven by positive potential; ‘Will 2022 be a good year?’ Others fuelled by pessimism and fear; ‘Will 2022 be the worst year?’  Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers either. One thing we know for sure is that with […]


Jan 22 • 7 minutes

4 brands making Christmas meaningful

Christmas is around the corner, and along with it, the familiar “all together” message that circulates each year. The message, whilst a cheery notion, is frequently met with the suspicion of “brand box-ticking” if companies aren’t willing to be consistent with their community-focused messages all year round.  In this post we’ll shine a spotlight on the brands […]


Nov 21 • 5 minutes

Christmas ads 2021 – Top Trumps

With Christmas swiftly approaching, many brands have released their ads for this year. The promotion of Christmas ads is a great time for brands to showcase their personality, their values, and occasionally, they’ll mention what they are selling too.  As a lover of all things Christmassy and working as a marketer within a creative design agency, strategic brand moves […]


Nov 21 • 7 minutes

Suspense: meet your brand’s new superpower

So, it’s been years since I studied film, but ever since working in a brand design agency and entering the big world of brand marketing, one film theory has always strangely stuck with me. Coined by Alfred Hitchcock, it’s called the ‘bomb theory’.  Here’s how Hitchcock defines his ‘bomb theory’ process in order to explain how he creates fantastic, tense, horror films:   “Let’s suppose that […]


Nov 21 • 4 minutes

Onlooker to Employee: 4 things I learned working in a brand agency you should know

1. What branding really is Before working at a brand agency, if I was asked about branding, I’d likely mention the importance of visuals – a logo, a font, or a  colour  palette. If I stretched my mind to think about the verbal, I may have commented on formal or informal grammar.        These aspects, visual […]


Sep 21 • 4 minutes