Rajen Mistry • Oct 21 • 4 minutes

3 big branding myths busted

As some of you may or may not have read in our most recent blog, Are & Be’s new hire Jesamine discovered that branding is storytelling. We figured that much like storytelling, in the world of branding, it’s important to clarify fact from fiction. So, in this short post, we’ll pick apart, debunk, and dissect three huge branding myths we hear all too often as a strategic branding agency.

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With all that said, let’s take a look at three common branding myths!

Myth #1 “Branding is just visual”


This myth is the most common of all; so common, in fact, that it’s become a sort of in-joke within branding agencies.

As a result of this reputation, this myth is often disputed by agencies to clients with judgement, and without explanation.

It’s simple enough for branding agencies to boldly state: “Branding is more than a logo!” Or “It’s not just visual!”

But if we pop ourselves into our client’s position, it’s easy enough to understand why many may feel as though branding is just visual. After all, when a client receives a tangible, physical product it’s hard for them to think otherwise.

To express the distinction between these visual and invisible elements, I’ll use an analogy. 

Clothing is worn to cover our bodies and is often chosen as a mode of expressing our personalities. A brand, too, is often (quickly) visually judged by its appearance (font, colour, imagery, and style). 

However, just as a person’s personality doesn’t start and end in what they wear, and much more intwined with their values, morals, and feelings, a brand is much more too. For a brand, the underpinned and invisible elements are brand strategy, positioning, messaging, and modes of communication. These invisible elements are everything essential in truly reflecting a business’s brand. 

Although we can’t speak for other branding agencies, here at Are & Be when working on a brand, before committing to anything visual we audit the company’s communication, culture, and competition.

Myth #2 “Branding is a big expense”


So branding is often seen as an expense, rather than an investment.

But great branding is one of the greatest investments a business can make. Effective branding can pivot a business’s position, last years and generate more money in the long-term.

Companies attempting to keep down their branding expenses may consider sites like Fiverr as a budget-friendly branding option.

They may even get lucky and find a young, talented designer who will create a dynamic new logo for them. But as previously mentioned in Myth #1, branding is always about more than just a logo.

Building a brand is about growing your business through intentional design; design, which echoes your identity and clearly communicates your company’s values to your intended audience.

It may seem cheap to get a logo, but the damage it could cost your company in muddled communication, loss/lack of investors and being seen as unremarkable in the eyes of your audience, is hugely costly to your business.

And if you don’t know how much an agency charges… ask.

It really is as simple as that.

Let the agency know what you need doing and a good one should give you a variety of options to move your brand forward.

If you’d like to know what we charge for our services here at Are & Be, schedule a call with founder Rajen to discuss what we can do to help your brand grow. Your brand is your life, your livelihood, your future, and you deserve to collaborate with the people who care.

Myth #3 “I don’t need branding. I’ve already sorted out my website and my logo”


Okay, so it’s brilliant if you have a great website and a logo, however it’s all about how your audience engages with these aspects. 

What truly makes a business stand out is the entire brand experience, not just one or two elements. 

So there needs to be a common, strong, thread between every method of communication (visual or verbal), which conveys your values, your position, and your reason for existing.  

Remember that no amount of great design will overcome bad communication or an unclear brand strategy.

So investing in high-quality branding expertise is essential if you want a bird’s-eye view of your current brand. It will allow you to discover whether your strategy is working, and will help you move toward your business goals. 

We hope this post has busted some branding myths for you, and proves useful for any businesses curious about the branding process. 

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